Curriculum Vitae


Name:                         Arnt-Olav Håøya

Year of birth:               1963

Nationality:                  Norwegian

Work experience:         25 years

Marital status: Married




Keywords; Strategic planning, project managment, enviornmental managment, surveying, mapping, monitoring, risk analysis, environmental impact assessments, cost-benefit analysis, parctical planning and effectuation of action plans according to permits.

Areas of experience: Railroad, Roads, Harbours, Construction.


Geologist Arnt Olav Håøya is educated Cand. Scient. (M.Sc.) geologist and have 25 years of experience within environmental engineering and geological consulting. He is RIF-approved (RIF – Association of Consulting Engineers, Norway) for consulting “Water and environment” and “Geotechnical and engineering geology”, main work area is “Water and environment”.


He has work experience from large infrastructure projects and R&D projects including work at Norwegian National Rail Administration (NNRA) and road Norwegian (National) Road Administration. This implies a broad experience in contributing to the right solutions (cost-benefit) and documenting environmental work according to requirements and permits.


Work experience with NNRA includes one year (100% consulting position as “Senior Environmental advisor”, 2013) at “Jernbaneverket Utbygging” in Oslo working with all environmental issues, geotechnical planning, cost estimates and analysis. The work was related to NNRA project planning and analysis including their “Technical guidelines” and “environmental control documents”.


Work experience for Norwegian Road Authorities is project manager and consultant at the E18 “submerged tunnel project” in Bjørvika, Oslo (, 7 billion NOK, 2005-10). This project is divided into 3 entrepreneur contracts including marine works, excavation works and tunnel works. The environmental team (project manager employed by consulting company Ramboll) documented environmental impacts according to specific operational defined environmental planes and reported according to environmental planes and permits.


Relevant R&D projects are the Norwegian National Road Authorities is:

·       “Recycling project” (2002-2005/07). This project generally focused on sustainable building. Specific work experience was technical utilization of waste materials including analysis environmental impacts and risks.

·       “Water treatment during road operation and building of tunnels” (2011-2012). This is report is a summary of international practice and leagal framework in 11 countries. The project was part of The Road Authorities NORWAT program and is connected to requirements in the European Water framework directive and similar requirements in US and Canada.


Projects (project manager or subject coordinator)


Examples of general projects:

2015 Selvaag Bolig AS – Nyhavn brygge, Bergen.
Residential building: Environmental control, polluted soils and sediments. Reporting according to permit.

2013-2014 Bærum municipality – Environmental mapping, risk assessments and dredging application

2014 Christiania rowing club – Environmental impact assessment, Environmental program and Dredging application, Bogstadvannet, Oslo-Bærum municipality

2014 Akershus County Authority – Conference related to regional long term sustainable management of soils and rock in city development

2014-15. Small sewer systems - Water treatment and classification of recipients

2011-2012 Norwegian National Roads Authority – Treatment of water from roads and construction works. A summary of methods and practice in 12 countries, NORWAT


Large infrastructure projects:

2013 Jernbaneverket (NNRA) utbygging – Senior environmental consultant

During one year of work at NNRA in Oslo several studies and master plans were completed. The tasks were mainly related environmental assessment and reporting of impacts within the following environmental themes:


Noise and vibration – Air, soil and soil pollution - Landscape - Local community and outdoor activities - Natural environment (black listed species, endangered species, etc.) - Cultural heritage - Natural Resources - Status of collisions with animals - Conflicts between railways and biodiversity - Quality of water resources


In addition work-tasks consisted of general assistance in geosciences, cost estimation, tender descriptions, risk analysis as well as environmental framework and requirements. The work was varied and gave insight to NNRA working practices, steering documents and technical regulations.


The following projects was included:

General project assistance Stavanger Station - Tracks and land use planning at Trondheim station – New tracks to Oslo Central station - Master plan tracks 16-19 Oslo Central station - New station at Rånåfoss, Gjøvikbanen - Phase 2, Heggedal station - Technical operations base at Sørli, Stange - Evaluation of X-tracks, Gjøvikbanen -Stabekk and Blommenholm station, BærumNygårstangen, Bergen - Demand Analysis Norwegian Railway School.

2005 – 2010 Norwegian Roads Authority, Region East – Project manager environmental control, E18 Bjørvika project

Implementation and monitoring of control plans for three large contracts respectively Sørenga, Bispevika, Bjørvika and Havnelageret. The work included mapping and sampling control on land and at sea as well as environmental control of the construction works, reporting and meetings with the client. It was conducted assessments related to HSE. The project had environmental challenges related tunnel work in rock (blasting), the establishment of slurry for molding tunnel walls in soils, excavation of contaminated soil on land and at sea and dredging of clean and contaminated sediments.

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2014                              Planning and building private sewer systems. FANN VA-teknik AB Sweden

2007                              Groundwater modeling and Environmental data Management
(Visual Modflow og HydroGeoAnalyst)

1997-1999                    3D modeling and CAD (Bentley Microstation og Inroads)

1988-1991                    Cand.scient. (M.Sc.) Institute of geology, University of Oslo.
Master study topics:  Geology, geochemistry and groundwater.

1983-1987                    Cand.mag. (M.Bc) Institute of geology, University of Oslo.

                                      General geology, sedimentology and petroleum geology

1982-1983                    Norwegian Navy, Diver and EOD service.




2008 - 2010

2005 - 2008

2004 - 2005

2001 - 2004

2000 - 2001

1999 - 2000

1996 - 1999

1994 - 1996

1993 - 1994

1991 - 1993



Ecoloop AS, Geologist and manager

HR Prosjekt AS, Senior Environmental advisor, Jernbaneverket

Ramboll, Section Water and environment, senior consultant.

Rambøll, Section Water and environment, consultant/manager,

Rambøll, Division Infrastructure, senior geologist.

SCC AS, Utviklingspartner, geologi/marked.

SCC AS, Divisjon Geo og miljø, geologist/geochemist.

SCC Kummeneje AS, geologist/geochemist.

Geocare AS, geologist/geochemist

GeoMiljø Håøya, geologist/geochemist.

EnviroNor AS, R&D, geochemist.

Norwegian Institute of Forestry, geologist/geochemist.

Institute of geology, University of Oslo, research assistent.

Exlog Norge AS. Offshore field geologist.




























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Norwegian (first language), English (fluent/work language), German (some)

Computer software

MS Office, Adobe apps, CAD (Bentley), 3D modeling (Surfer, Inroads), Statistics (SAS/JMP)